Testimonials: Davey Davis of the Public Access Television show “Far and Wide.”

    My old friend Davey Davis, formerly of the groups, Davis Brothers Garage Band, Brown Trout and the Country Lunkers, and host of the Public Access Television Show “Far and Wide,” called and asked about my leather guitars. He ended up coming to the shop and interviewing me for his show.  He was amazed by the guitars as well saying, “These guitars are quite exquisite” and “It projects... listen to that tone.” To see an excerpt from the show with me playing the guitar, click on the following link. Mastermix Audio Link

Testimonials: Lisa McCormick

   Singer/songwriter/guitarist Lisa McCormick is a mainstay of the indie singer/songwriter underground, where her strong, clear voice, and smart, sexy lyrics have earned her a loyal following. The Brattleboro Reformer’s Dave Madeloni hailed Lisa’s “Mystery Girl” as “the quintessential make-out" album - one that in a perfect world, would be the talk of the town.” - Taken from lisamccormick.com


    Lisa stopped by the other day and fell in love with my leather archtop guitars. Some of the comments she made were “ It’s phenomenal... It opens up something that has never existed... Just seeing this is amazing... It’s incredible. The whole thing resonates, It’s like a living thing. It’s happy.”  Lisa then borrowed one of my leathers to use at an upcoming gig at the Claremont NH Opera House.