Why should I purchase an eL Welker archtop guitar?

Three words: Quality,Quality, Quality

     When you purchase an eL Welker archtop guitar, you are purchasing a rare fine quality instrument, built by a musician for discerning musicians using only the best materials available. Larry has played world class instruments all of his life, as well as having become a master luthier in the eighties. This unique combination provides Larry with a perspective on the instrument that many other luthiers do not have. He has known and played the best, and expects nothing less of any archtop guitar that comes from his shop.

YEARS OF LUTHERIE EXPERIENCE: I have been involved in lutherie since the 1980's. Repairing fine instruments and working with world class materials has given me the experience and know how to use these materials for their optimal tonal and musical expressive capabilities. You'll find my guitar construction is second to none, and fine construction is the hallmark of my eL Welker Guitars.  

YEARS OF PLAYING EXPERIENCE: I have been a musician since the 1960's. From working with some of the best musicians of our time, I have learned what they expect from their instrument and do my best to build these qualities into every eL Welker guitar. Tonal response and playability are integral to having a great sounding instrument, and having been a lifelong musician I will accept nothing less from my guitars.

VALUE: My guitars are built with nothing but the best in top quality materials and built with the know how that I've spent a lifetime learning. If you purchase an eL Welker guitar, you are not purchasing a cheap guitar that will lose its value and playability, but a rare top quality instrument that will give you years of playing pleasure.

Quality, Quality, Quality, three things you'll always find built into all of my eL Welker Guitars.

Feel free to contact me with any questions about my guitars and thank you for your interest!

Larry Welker